What to pack

1-week overnight camp

Packing List

You probably have most of what is needed:

Check items off the list as you're packing to keep yourself organized!


  • The packing list suggests items for 1-week session. For 2, 3, 4 weeks, pack accordingly, taking into account that only 2+ week-session campers will have access to laundry facilities approx. half-way through their session. 
  • Do not pack your children’s best clothes as they might get dirty! 
  • Sleeping bag, water bottle, sun hat, and raincoat are absolutely must-have things
  • Most sleeping bags do not correspond to the temperature specification that is indicated on the manufacturer’s label. As there is a difference of around 15°C between the temperature specified on the manufacturer’s label and reality; the sleeping bag you buy should have a temperature specification of around 0°C. Also take into consideration that your child might need some extra comfort to adapt to camp. 
  • Flashlights and batteries are not available in camp and campers should bring a sufficient supply.

          • Bring your favourite music on a USB drive for our Disco parties! Share your music preferences with your new friends!
          • It is so much fun to participate in various Camp Shows, Theatre Performance and Dance Competitions! We have lots of costumes, but if you decide to bring some fashionable stuff that can help you to show your individuality, good taste and style – you are more than welcome to do it. Just make sure it is not expensive stuff.
          • Suggested maximum luggage size: 70 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm, maximum weight: 15 kg; plus a sleeping bag. Transportation space is limited and overweight/oversized luggage will cause difficulties for your child. Luggage will not be accessible during the bus trip so make sure your child keeps everything he/she needs during the bus trip with him/her. Please put the sleeping bag in a plastic bag with the name of your child on it!
          • When packing, involving your child is a must: show him/her what stuff they have and how it’s currently organized. Important: Show your child how to store his or her clothesevery day. Do a roleplay- let’s see: What do you need in the morning? When going to the beach? In the evening? Where do you put it after you use it? Where do you store your laundry? How should you organize your clothes after you get them back from laundry? Show me how you unpack after your arrival. What should you do with the wet stuff? Remind your child to never keep wet stuff in the cabin; he/she should hang it to dry outside on the clothing lines. (Our staff will remind campers too, but it’s better for campers to turn this into a habit beforehand.) Which things will you need every day? Pack a few big plastic bags and show which clothes/items are stored there (for everyday use, it’s more convenient to pack by clothing type, such as pants, tops, etc., and store in separate plastic bags). Folding clothes is a very smart way to organize; please make sure to teach your child how to do it on his/her own.

          Clothing will often get misplaced or lost while at camp. To avoid this, please label absolutely ALL of your children’s clothes and sleeping bag before arrival. You can put a label or simply write the name or initials of your child on  every single thing you pack. This recommendation is not exclusive for parents of young kids. Don’t be misled by the belief that your teenager will be able to keep track of all his/her stuff. There are too many other things to do at camp than keep track of all the items, so it’s better to label teenagers’ stuff as well.


          Laundry facilities are available for $3 (washer), $3 (dryer). Laundry machines accept quarters and 1 dollar change only! Please pack accordingly. Usually, on Monday or Tuesday of the second week, we ask campers to inspect their clothes to make sure that they have enough stuff until the end of the session. The group counsellor will help if needed. If someone needs to do laundry, they give their stuff to the counsellor, and the counsellor supervises the laundry and returns it to the child. In any situation your child will face in the camp, there will be a counsellor to help.

          Does my child need any money?

          Campers do not need money at camp, other than to spend a few dollars at the convenience store and/or for laundry. So, plan appropriately. Remember, if your child brings cash to camp, we are not responsible for it being lost or stolen. Put it in your child’s bag in a plastic zip-locked bag with your child’s name on it and ask her/him to give it to the Camp Counsellor when asked, for storing after arrival.

          • The list of generic medication that can be provided by the camp is available in the Camp Form. If your child might need any other medication (or you have a preferred medication for colds, stomach/headaches, etc.), please pack it in a ziplock bag and put it in your child’s bag with instructions.
          • Special medication mentioned in the Request for Administration or Self-Administration of Prescription Medication (if any) should also be packed in a plastic ziplock bag with your child’s name on it and detailed instructions on how to use it. Put it in your child’s bag and ask him/her to give it to the camp counsellor for storage when asked.
          Do NOT Bring
          • Do not pack any electronic games as well as cell phones, please. They take away from the positive interaction among campers and might get lost.
          • No cigarettes, matches, or lighters; no knives or weapons; no drugs or alcohol.
          • Prohibited items will be confiscated and kept in administration storage until the end of the session.
          • Do not bring expensive items. We cannot be held responsible if they go missing.