What to pack

adventures await!

Packing List

You probably already have most of what is needed for summer camp:

Check items off the list as you pack to keep yourself organized!


  • Here is the general packing list. You will get a detailed packing list adapted for the summer camp of choice prior to the camp start day.
  • No special camp clothing is needed. Do not pack your children’s best clothes as they might get dirty!
  • Please ensure that a labelled water bottle is sent to camp with your child daily. Remember to empty, clean and refill it daily.
  • Please remember to clearly LABEL all items (clothing, water bottles, shoes, etc.) with both first and last names in order to help your kids and us keep track of all the items. We also recommend labelling your child’s backpack and/or lunch bag.
  • For safety purposes, we have a strict no sharing of personal items between campers and staff members policy.


      To make camp even more fun, we encourage campers to wear their favorite costumes or costume details on appropriate days, specific to each camp*. Costumes are not obligatory – so no worries if you just wish to send your camper in regular clothing. The camp atmosphere will keep the spirits up anyway!

      Coloured Clothing

      Some days campers are assigned group colors*. In keeping with the spirit of the day, we appreciate you dressing your camper in at least one piece of clothing (preferably a top) in the requested group colour: Red, White, Green, and Blue.

      *Details will be provided in pre-camp communication. Remember- we want parents to have fun, too, so no long prep is required!

      Lost & Found

      Any lost and found items will be held for pick up from the last day of each session to the last day of camp. After camp is over, any remaining unclaimed items will be donated to a local Charity.

      Do not bring
      • Blankies and toys are recommended to be left at home to avoid getting them dirty and/or lost
      • Any food items that contain or may contain peanuts or nuts
      • Stuffed animals
      • Valuables, jewelry, long earrings
      • Expensive/designer clothing
      • Flip-flops, loose shoes for activities other than water fun time
      • Glass bottles
      • Aerosol sprays (e.g. Insect repellent, sunscreen, deodorant)
      • Cellphones, Smartphones, Smartwatches, Airpods, headphones, video game devices, and other electronics are NOT permitted. If used, they will be taken away from the camper and returned at the end of the day to their parents.

      DiscoveryLand Camp will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.