Water Sports

Summer camp near Toronto kayakingKayaking

This is an awesome addition to ensure a fun and wild Summer. Extremely stable and maneuverable, techy sit-on-top kayaks are waiting for you. This sleek watercraft is a perfect vehicle for expeditions and is very popular in holiday destinations worldwide. Campers learn the exciting sport of kayaking through expert instruction in paddling technique and water safety.

Stand-up paddle-boarding NEW!


If you love water and anything to do with water, the next on the to-do-list is stand-up paddle-boarding, SUP for short.
Have you ever tried to walk on water? Well, you probably fell, but you can try the next best thing: walking on a SUP and guiding yourself with a paddle in case things get tricky. SUP will make you feel like you have superpowers AND be a great exercise: it strengthens muscles in arms, legs, core abdominal, and the back. Super fun and healthy, best combo you can ask for. read more SUP, Fastest Growing Water Sport in the World  This Summer in DLC!


Toronto summer camp swimmingThe swimming classification test is completed when campers first arrive at the waterfront under the supervision of the Waterfront Director who is a trained, certified lifeguard. Every camper gets a chance to go home a better swimmer, as swimming is in the program two times a day. After all, swimming is a fun and extremely balanced physical activity.

Water Fun

Toronto summer camp Turbo Paddler

  • Water Trampolines
  •  Boats
  • Inflatable Water Slide
  • Climbing Wall
  • Turbo Paddler – New!


toronto summer camps skimboardingSkimboarding (or skimming) is a sport which involves riding a board on an outgoing wave. It is like surfing except that a skimboarding ride begins on the sand.


Aquafitness is a good way to increase and maintain your fitness level. Our Instructor conducts Aquafitness classes right in clear water of Lake Huron.

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