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Effective Full Body Exercise: Burpees

Who doesn’t need a short and quick workout that helps you burn calories and get stronger all in one go? One of the secret weapons of any fitness trainer: burpees. In a short amount of time, these versions of pushups will work all your muscles…

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How to Do Proper Burpees

At DiscoveryLand Camp, we love to stay active! Every gym teacher’s favourite exercise is burpees, but doing burpees and doing burpees correctly are two different things. And if you’re still burning with inspiration from the burpees’ benefits post, success is guaranteed. Looking for sport summer…

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New sport equipment for FitCamp!

Get ready to stay fit while playing with our new sport equipment for FitCamp – this season at DiscoveryLand Camp! Some old fashion skipping rope that never goes out of style mixed with new push up bars for that extra something, we got you covered.…

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Seven Reasons to Love and Do Push Ups

There are numerous different exercises you can do to develop your muscles, but many fitness experts, including DiscoveryLand Camp, agree that push-ups are among the best, because push ups: 1. Are a workout for the full body 2. Develop your strength 3. Give you a…

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