Covid-19 and Safety Protocol

These protocols are written and updated based on the 2021 York Region Public Health and the Ministry of Health’s latest guidelines. New changes will be implemented and communicated to our DiscoveryLand Camp families and staff as new official guidance and protocols are provided.

2021 Covid-19 and Safety Protocols

We follow the following steps to ensure that our campers and staff are always in a safe environment: 

Cohorts and Physical Distancing


  • Outdoor programming will be encouraged and prioritized as much as possible.
  • Physical distancing of at least 2 metres will be maintained in an outdoors environment for activities that involve singing.
  • Low contact sports and recreational fitness activities are permitted indoors.
  • High contact sports and recreational fitness activities are permitted outdoors.
  • Cohort sizes and staff-to-participant ratios will be in line with the guidance from Toronto Public Health and the Ministry of Health.
  • Physical distancing within a cohort is not required but will be practiced where possible.
  • Physical distancing of at least 2 meters will be maintained between cohorts.
  • Each cohort will have its assigned indoor space, distanced from others using floor markings and signs, where all personal belongings will be stored.
  • Changing cohorts will not be permitted under any circumstances throughout the entire week.
    We will try our best to accommodate friends in the same cohort if requested in the registration form, if possible.




  • Each camper is required to bring 2 clean non-surgical masks in a labelled zip lock bag daily.
  • Campers will be required to wear their non-medical masks:
    -while indoors (except during meal times)
    -while outdoors when physical distancing can not be guaranteed
  • Campers are not required to wear masks outdoors while within their cohort and physically distancing from other cohorts.
  • If a camper doesn’t have a mask when arriving at camp, one will have to be purchased.
  • Staff will be required to wear medical masks indoors. Staff must wear eye protection when engaging with an individual who is not wearing a mask if physical distance of at least 2 metres cannot be maintained. Staff are encouraged to wear a mask during outdoor camp activities and are required to wear a mask if physical distancing of at least 2 metres cannot be maintained between individuals.


Drop-off and Pick up General Notes


  • Drop-off and Pick up will take place outdoors at the entrance to the gym.
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed at all entrances.
  • Visual signs and reminders will be set up to encourage physical distancing.
  • Campers and parents are required to wear masks/face coverings and ensure physical distancing during the drop-off and pick up.
  • Staff checking in campers will wear face masks and a face shield if necessary – as per official safety guidelines.




  • Daily health screening procedures will be communicated to parents/guardians in advance.
  • Campers will be required to show the signed Health Pass to the staff during the daily morning check-in. A health screening will be performed by check-in staff in the presence of the parent/guardian if the form is missing/incomplete or if any symptoms are suspected. Please ensure that the parent/guardian remains until the screening is completed to ensure that no concerns are raised.
  • Upon completion, the parent/guardian will be free to leave and the camper will be directed to their group’s meeting spot to reduce the number of individuals present to ensure best social distancing practices. Parents/guardians are asked to stay outside the camp for the same reasons.
  • The campers will leave all personal belongings in their cohort’s assigned space before proceeding with the daily program.




  • Wait for the campers near the camp entrance in masks/face coverings until your camper is ready for pick up.
  • Please arrive in time for the 3.50-4.00 PM or 4.50-5:00 PM pick up depending on your prior arrangements.
  • Delays and pick-ups after 4:10 pm/5:10 pm will result in late fees. Please call/send a text message to notify camp administration and staff if you are running late.
  • Early pick-up will only be available if the parent/guardian notifies our staff by emailing us at info@discoverylandcamp.com. If the notice is for the same day, please also message us at 647-885-5352.
  • Parent/guardian must sign a sign-out sheet to confirm camper pick up. Please have your ID ready to show to check-out staff and ensure that you are on the camper’s file as a parent/guardian or emergency contact. If the name does not match, additional identification steps for the check-out procedure will be implemented. Please ensure clear identification in advance for a smoother check-out process.


Safety at Camp


  • Mandatory proof of vaccination for all eligible staff and campers attending DiscoveryLand Camp for summer 2022.
  • All individuals will be required and given time to wash their hands regularly (especially before meals).
    Hand sanitizer will be made available for campers and staff.
  • Parents/guardians are asked to ensure that campers apply sunscreen before camp and carry sunscreen for re-application in the afternoon. Staff will supervise and demonstrate as necessary.
  • In case of injuries or other situations where help is required, staff will perform first aid procedures as necessary, including CPR; PPE will be worn when possible.
  • The Camp will use telephone or video conferencing when possible for meetings between staff and parents/guardians.




  • Staff will be responsible for daily active screening of campers, staff, and anyone else entering the camp; daily records will be kept.
  • All individuals (campers and staff included) who enter the grounds of DiscoveryLand Camp will be required to complete daily screening at home. Failing to submit confirmation of screening will result in screening by staff upon entry to the camp.
  • Individuals with any symptoms outlined in the official screening guide provided by the Ministry of Health will be denied entry.
    First responders in emergency situations are permitted to enter the camp without screening.


Food and Water at Camp


  • Campers will stay in their assigned cohorts during all food breaks.
  • Breaks will be held outside (weather permitting).
  • All personal items are to remain with each camper. Food/water/snacks are not to be shared.
  • Water refills will be provided by camp staff in a safe way.


Cleaning and Disinfecting


  • The Camp will use equipment and toys that are made of material that can be cleaned and disinfected (e.g., no plush toys, playdough) or are single-use and to be disposed of at the end of the day. Disinfection will be done according to the official rules of the Toronto Public Health and the Ministry of Health.
  • All frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected twice daily at a minimum.
  • Each cohort will have designated equipment for their use only (e.g., balls, loose equipment) or equipment that is cleaned and disinfected between cohort use.
  • Camp participants should clean their hands before and after the use of shared items that cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Personal belongings brought to camp should be minimized, labeled, and not shared between individuals.
  • Play structures can only be used by one cohort at a time with proper hand sanitization performed before and after use


Hand and Respiratory Hygiene


  • The Camp will promote regular, proper hand washing and hand hygiene for both camper and staff members (including before and after eating, using shared equipment, activities, after toileting, after blowing their nose, and before touching their faces).
  • The Camp will educate staff and campers on proper respiratory etiquette and ensure each camper and staff member follows it, such as avoiding touching their face and/or mask and coughing/sneezing into their elbow, sleeve, or tissue.


Management and Reporting of COVID-19 Cases


  • If there is a positive case of COVID-19 detected at camp, Toronto Public Health would advise DiscoveryLand Camp on the next steps, isolating campers, cleaning and disinfection, and contact tracing procedures. An immediate communication would be sent to affected families and staff.
  • Any camper, camp staff, or visitor that shows symptoms identified by the Ministry of Health to be Covid-19 related is required to stay home and will not be allowed entry on the camp grounds.
  • If a camper is missing a camp day, the parents/caregivers have to notify the camp on the same day of the reason for which the camper is kept at home.
  • Self-isolation is mandatory for campers and families who do not pass the health screening.
    The campers can resume camp participation after getting a negative COVID-19 test result, if they are diagnosed with another illness and/or are cleared by the local public health unit.
  • Any individual with Covid-19 related symptoms will be separated from activities and be asked to wait while their parent/guardian is notified and pick up is arranged for as soon as possible. A designated staff member will supervise the camper until pick up following social distancing protocols. The camper will be required to wear a face mask while the staff will wear PPE.
  • The designated waiting area will be sanitized following camper pick up.
  • Campers and staff of the symptomatic camper’s cohort and their parents/guardians will be notified for monitoring and potential testing requirements.
  • Testing will be required for symptomatic individuals before resuming camp attendance.
  • Individuals in contact with a suspected case of Covid-19 will be cohorted and monitored for symptoms according to the Toronto Public Health guidelines.
  • Individuals waiting for test results will be required to isolate until they receive a negative result.