Can I request for my child to share accommodations and be in the same group as her/his friend or sibling?

Absolutely! After your register your child, email us at info@discoverylandcamp.com your Accommodation request. Also, ask your child to let us know at the first day during accommodation distribution. Please note, that in case of significant age or other differences between friends or siblings we might contact you to discuss it.

What is the min and max age of children acceptable for the camp?

We accept kids and teens of 7-16 years old.

Are the children separated according their age?

KidsClub accommodates campers 7-11 years old and TeensClub is designated for older campers 12-16 years old. Though Kids and Teens Club programs are differentiated based on age specifics, both Clubs have common activities. Campers live with children of similar ages, and there is a team counsellor for every group aged 7-9, 10-11, 12-14, 14-16.

What’s the campers/staff ratio?

4-8 campers per counsellor, depends on age. For the youngest group we always have an extra counsellor.

What’s the most common session length?

Most of campers stay for a 2 weeks session, the rest are for 4, 3, 1 weeks.

My child will be younger than 7 by the camp start day. Can she still go with her older sibling if registered together?

Going to the camp with siblings or friends will definitely help to make the adaptation process easier, so we usually accept children which are a little bit younger than 7 in such case. We ask parents if they are absolutely sure that he/she is ready for the camp and are pretty independent in everyday life.

My child has some medical condition or food restriction. What should I do?

We regularly have children with some medication at our camp. First, parents should write all details in medical form, and a dedicated counsellor will make sure all your notes, as well as medication requests, are followed. All counsellors, including your child’s group counsellor, will be informed about the medical conditions of the camper and keep it private. If due to medical condition the child gets tired during any activity, she/he just need to let a counsellor know and rest any time with no problems. Remember to disclose all related information in the medical form to help us provide the best care for your child.

Do I need to sign up for certain activities?

You child will get a chance to experience all 60+ classes and activities listed on the camp website. Leadership Certificate, Boot Camp and ESL are free options on top of the main program, and you can add those during registration.

Is transportation extra?

Transportation for 2 week session (both ways) is included in camp fee.  If you enrolled for a 1 week session or your start or end of session dates are other than July 9th, July 23rd, or Aug 6th, you need to deliver or pick up your child on your own. For instance, if your child is registered for the week of July 9-16, she/he will go to the camp by bus on July 9th, and you have to pick her/him up at your own, please refer to the detailed camp location  and transportation

How is laundry organized?

Usually on Monday or Tuesday of the second week we ask campers to inspect their clothes to make sure that they have enough stuff till the end of the session. The group counsellor will help to do it, if needed. If someone needs to do laundry, they give their stuff to the counsellor, and the counselor supervises the laundry and returns it to the child. In any situation you child will face in the camp, there will be a counsellor to help.

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