We understand that choosing the right camp for your child is a big decision. Please read the information below to get more details about our summer camp.

How old must the child be in order to register?

Discovery Land Camp is designed for children aged 5-12. The child must be at least 5 years old or must not turn 13 before the end of September 2024 in order to be eligible for registration.

What is the camper/counsellor ratio?

Our goal is to ensure that all campers are taken care of. Our counselor-to-camper ratio is as follows: for every 8–10 campers, there will be one staff member and one junior counselor-in-training. See our staff qualification at Discovery Land Camp Staff

Can I request for my child to be grouped with a friend?

Of course! We’re happy to accommodate any friend requests provided that they are of a similar age or within one grade level either above or below – please let us know in the Summer Camp Registration Form.

My child is going by themselves and is worried about not being able to make friends. How can you help?

A summer camp is a great place to make new friends and form bonds that will last a lifetime. We start every session with ice breakers and provide opportunities for campers to get to know each other with fun games. Additionally, our counsellors are trained to spot and help campers with finding someone to play with and talk to during the day.

Are there any breaks/rest times?

We understand the importance of resting and recharging for high-energy activities and our schedule provides rest and food breaks. See Discovery Land Richmond Hill Program and Discovery Land Camp Thornhill for a sample daily schedule.

What does lunch/snack time look like?

Campers are given plenty of time daily to enjoy their lunch and snack breaks, which will be held outside (weather permitting). Campers will stay in their assigned cohorts during all food breaks. We are committed to providing a fun and safe environment for all participants.
A gentle reminder to parents that we have many high-energy activities which, combined with the outdoors environment, create large appetites! Please pack several snacks along with lunch for your child to enjoy. Remember to also pack a water bottle that campers can refill at the water filling stations at camp. Staff are trained to encourage campers to stay hydrated, especially on hot summer days.

Pizza Lunch Fridays

We are pleased to bring you our Pizza Lunch on Fridays. Our pizza is Cheese and Pepperoni so on Pizza Friday you will need to send snacks and water.  We provide Pizza, snacks and juice! We do not suggest our pizza lunch for campers with dietary restrictions as we can not control cross-contamination with potential allergens.

How do you accommodate for nut allergies?

DiscoveryLand Camp is a peanut and nut safe camp. Our policy requires that parents/guardians do not pack any nuts for their campers. However, safety is our number one concern, so please let us know in the registration form of any allergies and provide us with any medication that your child may need in case of emergency (eg. EpiPen). Staff responsible for first aid will collect medications in the morning to ensure that they can provide the best help that they can should an emergency situation arise.

What should I pack for my child?

You can find the general what to wear and what to pack to a summer camp list here. You will get a detailed information package adapted for the camp of choice prior to the camp’s start day; including a packing list, what to wear list, daily schedule, pick up/drop of procedures, etc. – all info in one place! We want parents to have fun, too, so no long prep is required!

How do you deal with sun safety at camp?

DLC is a SUN AWARE CERTIFIED CAMP. All of our counsellors go through sun safety training. We encourage parents, campers, and staff to be ‘Sun Smart’. Sun hats are a must every day and a large emphasis is placed on keeping cool and hydrated throughout the day, particularly during hot days. We make use of effective sunscreen routines as part of the daily schedule. Counsellors will assist and supervise campers to reapply their sunscreen lotions throughout the day.

Are campers always supervised?

Counsellors are always supervising their camp group to ensure that they are keeping hydrated and eating well, adhering to the safety guidelines, feeling well, and socializing with their peers.

How do you deal with misbehaving campers?

We aim to provide a fun and safe environment for all the participants of DiscoveryLand Camp. We have a strict 3 Strike policy and no tolerance for any sort of bullying or harmful actions towards campers, staff, or property. For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions section of the Camp Registration Form. For minor misbehavious, our goal is to guide and correct such behaviour to ensure that it doesn’t continue or escalate.

Can I make changes to my child’s camp programs or sessions after I register?

Absolutely! Sessions may be moved within Summer 2024 at no extra cost as long as there is space availability. For the safety of all participants, campers are unable to switch cohorts or programs following the start of a session according to the Ministry guidelines.

What is the refund policy with regards to Covid-19? Will I get my money back if summer camps won’t be allowed to run?

In the event of a Provincial or Municipal shutdown due to COVID-19 which will force us to close summer camps, all attendees will be offered A FULL refund for camp fees for the remaining days. To view the Cancellation Policy click here.

Do the campers need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to attend Camp?

We always follow York Region Public Health and the Ministry of Health’s latest guidelines. To date, there is no requirement for campers to be vaccinated. We will continue to follow any new policies if need be.

Covid-19 Camp Update

We follow camp legislation outlined by the York Region and the Ministry of Health:

Currently, we are not requiring that our campers wear masks. However, for those who still feel inclined to wear a mask, please do.

What happens during rainy days?

We love outdoors and find that it is the safest way to run our programs with social distancing in mind. But knowing how fast the weather can change, we always have a special fun backup prepared for the rainy days. Camp programs continue to run rain or shine! We can easily accommodate physical distancing in our indoor facilities doing Camp Dance, Drama, Improv, Craft, STEM, Board, Fun and Brain Games, as well as during events such as Carnivals.
Parents are encouraged to dress their child for the weather forecast daily, as well as pack appropriate clothing for the day (eg rain boots, jackets, sun hats, as needed). Staff will adjust activities as needed as per the weather and make sure that campers are safe and taken care of (eg no wet feet or sunburns).
Special weather warnings: for any extreme heat alerts, campers will be moved into the shade and continue activities there, prioritizing water-based fun. Staff will remind campers to wear hats, drink lots of water and apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns and overheating. For any other alerts, we will follow provincial guidelines and safety recommendations.

My child will turn 5 in the summer. Can they come to the camp?

Yes, as long as your child is 5 by the end of the summer, they are welcome to join!

Can I drop off my child earlier/ pick them up later?

Yes, absolutely! You can drop your child off as early as 8 AM and pick up between 4 PM – 5 PM for an additional $80/week per child.

What if I need to pick up my child early?

Please let us know in advance if possible by emailing info@discoverylandcamp.com to make sure that we have time to get your camper ready for pick up from their activity. For SAME DAY notices, please send an email and message us at 647-885-5352. Please note that very last-minute notices may result in delays and longer wait times.

I need someone else to pick up my child, what should I do?

Please add any person you want to authorize to pick up your child to their Registration form. If that person is not authorized on the forms, please let us know with a text message at 647-885-5352. The individual must be at least 16 years old. Government-issued photo ID will be required for anyone showing up for the first time, and staff may request a photo ID at any time to ensure the safety of campers. Individuals who have not been authorized will require a phone call to their parent/guardian for verification which may result in delayed pick-up, so please notify us ahead of time.

How do I call on an absent day?

If you need to keep your camper home, please let us know by calling at 647-885-5352 or emailing at info@discoverylandcamp.com with the camper’s name and reason for absence.

What if my camper becomes sick at camp?

In the event that your camper becomes ill during the day, we will call you to come and pick them up. If you are unable to pick up your sick camper, you will be required to make alternative arrangements to ensure they are picked up from camp. Until you arrive, our staff will make sure your camper is kept safe and as comfortable as possible. If you cannot pick up your camper, please have someone else pick them up – for safety purposes, we will be unable to keep them at camp while sick.

If my child is unable to swim, are they still permitted to go to the pool?

Our staff members will ensure that the campers wear a life jacket and stay in the shallow area of the pool at all times. If they want to go to the deep end, the swimming test will be done by a qualified lifeguard. We take the safety of all our campers very seriously, and our counsellors as well as lifeguards from the Oak Ridges Pool will be on duty to closely monitor all pool activities.