Career Week Camp

Act, Pretend and Laugh!

Exploring Future Kids Career

Career Week Camp is a fun way to introduce future young professionals to the world of different occupations.

Teaching our children about occupations, jobs, and soft skills today is broadening their horizons tomorrow. It can help them lay the foundation for a better future employment experience, provide the tools that will allow them to speak up for themselves and communicate ideas more effectively, and establish how to get along well with others. Most importantly, presenting a career in a fun, playful environment can sparkle an interest and lead to discovering a new career passion!

Through the age-based mix of activities, we will explore Engineer, Doctor, Vet, Journalist/Blogger, Architect, Artist, Singer, Game Developer, Sport Star, Police Officer, and more occupations.

We know that introducing children to careers can sound a bit too serious, so we make sure to present the activities through a fun lens. We love to talk about and incorporate the soft skills related to the occupation in the improvisational drama games– this is one of our favorite parts of the day! We choose the best aspects of the job of the day as a basis of our games and activities. Many cool moments and out-of-box activities are awaiting!

our approach

Career week camp

summer camp York Region Toronto Vaughan Maple Kleinburg Concord Sonoma Height Vellore Woodbridge Thornhill Aurora King Nobleton Nashville Richmond Hill Markham North York1. Balance of play, fun and sport. A mix of themed and action-based activities (Young Inventors Club, Brain Games, Outdoor STEM, Obstacle Course; Splash Pad and Water Games, Juggling and Soccer, Fitness, Stretching and Yoga, Stay Active Playground and Scavenger Hunt, Racket Sports and Leadership and of course our favorite Camp Cheers, Camp Dances and Camp Songs) allows kids stay active, curious and excited. We also host a Big Themed Friday Camp Carnival for your child to participate in with their favorite costume from home.

2. We are creating our own solutions. Instead of ready play sets – we create our own tool out of recycled materials and everything we can find around. Or even we imagine the tools or invent the new ones. Instead of getting directed – we implement Harkness’ teaching where possible. Participants will find ideas and solutions by themselves during discussions and games between campers.

3. Imagination boost is key. We do lots of improvisational drama to explore occupations and related soft skills. We act, pretend and laugh.

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