Time Travelers Camp

Go Back and Forward in Time Adventures

time travelers camp


Go back and forward in time to experience the history and imagine the future with these exciting themed Time Traveler Adventures’ activities throughout the week:

  • Dinosaurs Workout
  • Cave People Time
  • Dragons and Unicorns
  • Medieval Times Obstacle Course
  • Knight and Princess Party
  • Alien Invasion
  • Space Exploration
  • Train Like an Astronaut
  • Now Appreciation: inventions we are grateful for
  • A Day from The Future
  • Robots and Humans
  • Careers: Exploring Jobs in the Past, Present and Future. Discover what professions looked like throughout different times of human history. Learn about the evolution of a doctor – from cavemen’s discoveries during the Ice Age all the way to the present time doctors and nurses, and take a guess at what possibilities the technological advances of the future will bring.

Camper of all ages will enjoy the exciting activities to fit their interest!  In addition to the themed program, our Time Travelers will be engaged in an action-based mix of sports, STEM, and acting.

See all activities for time travelers camp:

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