Summer Camp Activities

Every week at Discovery Land Camp is a mix of action-based adventures that build a foundation for developing skills across different fields:

Explore and play with field trips

Fun-filled trips to places like Treetop Trekking, the Ontario Science Centre, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, the Toronto Zoo, Black Creek Pioneer Village, Kids Town Waterpark, Kortright Centre for Conservation, Playcious Playground, Evergreen Brick Works, Lake Wilcox, and more! Bus transportation and admissions are included!

Interact with SPECIAL GUESTS

Our summer camp hosts some exceptional people to both educate and entertain our campers! This season, we are looking forward to interacting with the York Regional Police, the Vaughan Fire Department, magicians, and party entertainers!

Enjoy themed activities every week

Enjoy themed activities every week. Young Inventor Club, Parachute Racing, Mystery Planet Young Entrepreneurs, Spy Academy, Glow in the Dark Quest, Survival 101, and more!

Cool Off with SPLASH PAD & Swimming Pool

Trips to the swimming pool and splash pad are a great way to stay refreshed and enjoy a hot summer day.

Dive into adventures with a themed scavenger hunt and obstacle courses

Finding Pirate Treasures, Find the Elf games, Ninja Obstacle Courses, and more!

Boost curiosity with STEM activities, all kinds of construction toys and brick sets, and themed crafts

Static electricity experiments, invisible inks, Lego, 3-D fort construction, K'nex, magic tricks, and more!

Get active and build new skills with a variety of indoor and outdoor sports

Tennis, Soccer, Gymnastic, Yoga, Ping Pong, Badminton, Basketball, Dodge Ball, Frisbee, Ladder Ball, Bocce Ball and more!

Build self-confidence with Leadership Through Fun activities

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of uncovering an inner leader at a young age. Leadership combined with creativity results in character growth and self-confidence building through summer fun and play at Discovery Land Camp. Every day, Camp Leaders are nominated from outstanding campers and assigned missions to develop their leadership skills. Missions are incorporated into camp activities (shows, treasure hunts, quests, etc. and field trips), and our Camp Leaders accomplish them with counsellor support. Leaders are chosen within each age group, so even the youngest participants can try it. The leaders get feedback and encouragement from their counsellors and their peers.

Enjoy yourself at Carnivals

A costumed camp carnival or talent show is a part of our weekly spirit-raising program. Our favourite camp cheers, camp dances, and songs are enjoyed and remembered for a long time.

Acting Up for the Better! Overcome Shyness & Build Confidence with Improv!

Improvisational drama, or Improv games, bring even the shyest children out of their shells! Improv is different every time; it’s the best way to try something new and have a lot of good laughs!

Enrol your child in a unique mix of activities by filling out the Summer Camp Registration Form!

  • Each day at camp is packed with activities! No two days at Discovery Land Camp are the same. However, we do follow a general outline for our daily schedules.
  • We believe that positivity, independence, and personal development are very important parts of any summer camp. If we see that our campers are having a good time and want to continue with a previous activity, are enjoying independent play with their peers, or are looking for a break; we are happy to adapt and change the program based on what is best for campers at the time.
  • Sport and active game sections are balanced with quiet games, STEM, art and craft.

Program Note: The splash pad and water games are weather permitting. Some programs and/or field trips might be modified, moved to another day, or substituted to prioritize the comfort and well-being of our campers and staff. 

Discovery Land Camp is a SUN AWARE CERTIFIED CAMP. All of our counsellors go through the Sun Aware Summer Camp Certification. We are committed to sun safety by implementing the following best practices for all campers and staff:

  • Whenever possible, choosing a shaded play area between 10.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.
  • Keeping the children hydrated and wearing sun hats and sunscreen when they are outside;
  • Having regular cool-downs and appropriate programs during those extra-hot days.