STEM Pirates and Princesses Camp

STEM + Exploration + Carnivals

STEM Pirates and Princesses Camp Program

The ability to think critically and creatively is the basis of all innovation. Preparing today’s children to become the innovators and inventors of tomorrow begins with STEM activities. Selected activities that are our curious Young Adventurers are especially excited to participate in are:

  • Young Inventors Club We discuss past inventions and how Inventors solve everyday problems. Our participants use their motor skills and vivid imaginations to come up with their inventions. Explorers (8-12 y.o.) will get a chance to go through the Inventors Truth or Lie challenges.
  • STEM challenges Every day leads to discoveries both indoors and outdoors. Discovery-based activities at STEM Camp stimulate campers to ask questions and solve problems. We will showcase STEM experiments at the camp  Science Magic Show.
  • Outdoor Coding Games What happens when you combine coding games with treasure hunting? What if you combine math and games?  Shhh, don’t tell your kids that to become super agents they should be good at math… we will train them for super-secret missions and they won’t even know that they’re improving their academic skills at the same time…
  • Brain Games Games like Pictionary, Doodles, and Charades sparkle a child’s natural curiosity through play to help them explore different interests that might develop into a lifelong passion.
  • Pirates Obstacle Courses Race and conquer various obstacles levels!
  • Pirates and Princesses Costumed Show Campers get to choose who they want to come as for the Dance and Improvisation Drama that make a great celebration of campers’ achievements for the week!

On top of themed activities, the STEM Pirates and Princesses Camp’s week is packed with a mix of action-based adventures that lays a foundation for developing skills across different fields.

Splash Pad and Water Games, Juggling and Soccer, Fitness, Stretching and Yoga, Stay Active Playground and Scavenger Hunt, Racket Sports and Leadership, and of course our favorite Camp Cheers, Camp Dances and Camp Songs– all these elements make up the puzzle pieces to DiscoveryLand Camp’s vibe of positivity!

We host a Big Themed Friday Camp Carnival for your child to participate in with their favorite costume from home.
By selecting a weekly Camp, your child gets to focus on improving respective skills with carefully selected add-on activities.
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