Program News: Kendo (Katana Bokken Practice in DLC!

bokken kids camp torontoNew season of 2016 in DLC introduces Katana Bokken Practice!
Kendo, the “Way Of The Sword” is a traditional Japanese style of fencing, the roots of which are traced back to early Samurai time. It is practiced today as a martial art all around the world, and recently made its way to DiscoveryLand Camp as well.

Kendo is a sport and art that teaches discipline and self-confidence. It combines body and mind to create a balance of physical, emotional, and metal harmony. For many practitioners, it is not only a sport, but a way of life and used to build character. The idea behind the kendo lifestyle is to cure the practitioner of fear, confusion, hesitation, and doubt, leaving behind a strong and healthy character.

bokken kids camp torontoAt DiscoveryLand Camp, we are introducing Bokken, wooden Japanese swords. Bokken is a tool for honing skills of sword and martial arts, without risk of injury from a metal blade. Bokken are used by students of the Japanese sword arts worldwide, stemming from Japanese swordsmen for centuries prior.

After a warm-up to ensure all muscles are ready for the workout, experienced instructors will teach the campers about kendo posture, stance, distance, and striking form.

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