Physical Conditioning


Besides being great entertainment, it’s vitally important for vestibular training. Do you know that a trampoline program is used as part of physical training for cosmonauts? You will enjoy our huge, size 15 trampoline with an enclosure system as well as three other ones!

Martial Art (Kendo) New


Pump up your muscle tone with simple but efficient athletics moves. Let unnecessary calories burn!


The inspirational source for many descendant techniques. Flex yourself out. Yoga helps you to become much more flexible and at the same time improve your posture. Oh, did we mention that people consider posture as one of the most essential features of attractiveness?


Thanks to Hollywood stars, everybody is talking about Pilates these days. Pilates is about form and balance, strengthening abdominal and back, overall muscle tone, flexibility, posture and coordination. In no time you will look confident no mater what you are wearing. And then you will be able to talk about Pilates too, like Hollywood stars.


You may have seen people walking across a piece of rope a few feet off the ground and wondered “what is that?”
This is your opportunity to find out! Join us as we introduce you to the sport of Slackline. Most people surprise themselves – and that’s one of the coolest things about it, you’re constantly surprised that you can actually stand upon something so apparently unstable.
This is a great practice for improving balance and mental focus. Slack Roping makes noticeable, lasting improvements to your posture. This activity is sure to be a whole lot of fun.


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sport summer camps for kids and teens

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