Survivors (ages 13-16): Learning techniques for a productive, efficient, and resilient life, through survival in the wilderness

Teenage life is very similar to the wilderness. After all, teenage years are possibly the most difficult, with lots of social pressure, overwhelming anxiety, and limited knowledge of the future. Often, to fix everyday issues like a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, we must turn to unorthodox solutions. Sometimes, taking a step out of one’s comfort zone is easy, other times it’s extremely exhausting and challenging. DiscoveryLand Camp’s Overnight Survival Trip, among the rest of the camp program, offers campers countless chances to find themselves, to try new things, and to develop an inner confidence that can impact their lives as simply as a butterfly can set off a hurricane. By surviving in the wilderness, youth learn to survive in elementary school, high school and tough social situations using methods that work for them.

Looking for a summer camp for your teen?

Why aren’t teenagers excited about summer camps anymore? We believe that a summer program for teenagers has its own requirements: it should create an adventure and provide fun according to the psychological, physiological and social requirements of a young person. The counsellor team should be trained on how to balance safety, supervision and respect, friendliness and empathy. And wise parents want to see some nutrition for the future success of their child. An ideal place would build the whole fun program around self-development.

At DiscoveryLand Camp we love to work with teens!

It’s natural that due to age-specific and social impacts, teenagers might not feel quite happy very often even if they don’t show it. We are dedicated to helping young people to become happier at camp and stay positive for a long time afterwards.

DiscoveryLand Camp’s Be Positive philosophy is based on the development of the ability to perceive life as a half-full glass at all times.

For this age group, the focus is on:

  • Getting fun from being outdoor, activities, making new social contacts.
  • Enjoying interpersonal communication, without the pressure of social media.
  • Getting out of comfort zone, especially for those who struggle with new situations and putting themselves out there.
  • Still practicing life-skills! Making their living space organized and comfortable and getting along with cabin-mates are important skills at all ages!
  • Getting involved in leadership—being proud of being a teenager! Learning how to deal with growing up and transitioning to adulthood with minimal stress and headaches!
  • Not breaking the camp rules!
  • Getting an opportunity to lead a class/show/event or group with a Junior Counsellor Assignment.

We love to work with happy, open, energetic teenagers. It’s so fascinating to help them master their managerial skills—the possibilities of getting super helpful experiences to strengthen their resumes for their future careers are unlimited here!

But often, even campers that attended our camp for many years begin behaving differently when they reach teenagerhood (e.g. less inclined to participate in activities and spending more time looking for ways to express themselves).
“My son quit all his sports sections.” “Sitting at home all the time with his phone.” “Grades dropped.” “I can’t recognize my daughter! All trust between us is gone.” “So skeptical, my opinion is not important anymore.” “Hates himself, and I don’t know how to help.” “We almost stopped talking after her little sister was born.” “Does not even talk about university nor his future career.” “Gained weight, eat lots of junk food, stop exercising and doesn’t meet with friends.” “Has suicidal thoughts and no friends.” “Became indifferent and closed off after being bullied at school.” “Bullied his classmates and has serious behavior issues that never happened before.” These are just some of the complaints we hear from worried parents.

Our trained counsellors are here to offer listening ears to both the common and unique problems that your teenager may be facing and help by offering some tools to make their journey a bit easier to navigate.