Secret Agents on a Mission CAMP

Costumed Adventures & Carnivals with Super Heroes

Secret Agents on a Mission Camp Program

Why do kids love costumed events like Halloween? Being dressed like Spider-Man, Batman or Elza turns any day into a real adventure. The Secrets Agent camp allows kids to learn spy skills and use their spy training to complete exciting missions and graduate as new secret agents.
Earning reward ribbons will help our secret agents to gain the name of Junior Agents, Master Agents, and even Super Agents!

Selected themed activities that our Super Agents are especially excited to participate in are:

  • Secret Agents Outdoor Coding Games What if you combine math and games? Shhh, don’t tell your kids that to become super agents they should be good at math… we will train them for missions and they won’t even know that they’re improving their academic skills at the same time…
  • Quests and Missions The advanced version of scavenger hunts includes learning and practicing spy skills and undercover maneuvers, finding treasures, solving problems, and leading group missions.
  • First Aid and Relaxation Techniques 101 Learning basic first aid and relaxation techniques through role-playing. Building kids’ confidence and independence. Prepare them to help themselves and others in the future.
  • Costumed PlayHouse With a fun-filled camp program, we find time for the fun show every day. Additionally, on Fridays, we hold a big Secret Agents Carnival Party.
  • Survival 101 Learning important survival skills through games: how to build a shelter, a tent; what to do if you get lost; how to ask for help; how to find water that’s safe to drink, and how to protect yourself from wild animals.

In addition to the themed program, our Secret Agents will be engaged in a wide variety of activities that lay a foundation for developing skills across different fields:

Racket Sports, Juggling, Soccer, Stay Active Playground, Fitness/Yoga, Craft, Splash Pad, Water Games, Young Leader, Outdoor STEM and of course our favorite Camp Cheers, Dance and Songs – all these elements make up the puzzle pieces to DiscoveryLand Camp’s vibe of positivity!

By selecting a weekly Camp, your child gets to focus on improving respective skills with carefully selected add-on activities.
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See all activities for Secret Agents on a Mission Camp:

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