Our Staff

It’s so good to feel a part of something bigger. We love DLC’s traditions—whether it’s a good laugh together during a silly walk parade, a fun chat with honey-ginger tea in the evening, or a sincere discussion during burn your problems evening. These moments bring everyone together and help establish a sense of unity and family. Our values are deeply rooted in the entire camp experience, and they make this place unique. We love DLC for hugs! Some day you can get more than a hundred! It’s very rewarding to see how people change for 2 weeks. Have you ever gotten a chance to make a real difference? We do” – Yours, DLC team


The pre-camp introduction staff training always starts with the following phrase: “Do you understand that a parent’s child is their most valuable treasure—the most precious person in the world? A hundred kids at camp is not a statistic; everyone is unique and everyone deserves encouragement and personal attention.”

Before the camp starts, we are spending hours and hours discussing and practicing procedures. Every year we fine-tune the program based on the previous year’s performance and keep adding new elements. Every counsellor has gone through the Pre-Camp Staff Training covering the following areas: conflict resolution, homesickness prevention, leading engaging activities, leadership by example, equity and diversity, helping first-time campers fit in, bullying prevention, safety first, etc.

  • All of DiscoveryLand Camp’s staff undergoe a strict safety-training program in order to guarantee a protected and secure campground.
  • Our Director Marina has a master’s degree in education. She is a certified facilitator of “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens“ by FranklinCovey Leadership Center.
  • Our Head Counsellors, Counsellors, Junior Counsellors, and Service Staff are committed to providing optimum conditions for safety.
  • Many of our campers loved our program’s atmosphere so much they became counsellors to help our camp family grow.
  • Most of our counsellors have certification in Survival First Aid, Bronze Medallion and higher awards.
  • Anytime when children are near or on the waterfront, there is staff supervision. The Waterfront Director holds a National Lifeguard Certificate.
  • Our chefs are experienced in healthy nutrition and strictly follow the Food Handler Certification guideline issued by the Public Health Unit.