Mission & Values

DiscoveryLand Camp is a overnight leadership summer camp near Toronto, Ontario, non-profit.

The camp is a part of the Leadership in Action Foundation. Our camp means the world to our campers, who feel at home in our community and leave with a new sense of empowerment, as well as skills, to focus on personal development.

DLC has a strong reputation for its unique program and social impact; promoting healthy lifestyles, positivity, and family- and character-building values.

As we enter our 15th year, we are proud to offer one of the most unique life-altering summer experiences—all in a magnificent outdoor setting for youth.

Core Values

DiscoveryLand Camp = Character-building point

The Science behind the fun

Our Director and Head of Staff created the program based on our methodology and values, packing them into fun and engaging activities. The core of the values are…

-The daily schedule and program are built upon the 4 Cs of 21st Century Skills: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

-Campers live in a totally different environment. With no technology and no parents around, the opportunity to make independent decisions presents itself nearly every minute.

-Practicing decision-making and developing self-confidence is as important as school studies.

-Learning could be done outside of school and during the summer if the learning is presented through fun.

the camp environment helps

Become a more positive person

We all want a happy life, and we all know that having a positive attitude is better than a negative one. But for some reason, we are all tempted by and can be easily drawn to the negative side. How do we go on about establishing a positive attitude as a daily habit?
DLC is famous for its truly positive atmosphere and “I can do it!” approach with some basic rules:

-Believe that happiness is a choice.

-Encourage people around you and do a small act of kindness every day, and you’ll feel better.

-Focus on and be grateful for what you have, instead of what you lack.

-Think and make a plan how to fix the problem instead of complaining about it.

-And finally, surround yourself with those who are positive: spend a session at DiscoveryLand Camp!

Practicing decision–making and developing self-confidence are as important as learning math!