Leaders are, by definition, people who change minds.
It’s never too early, or late for that matter, to begin teaching kids the basics of leadership.

7 habits of highly effective teensType of Programs:

  1. Leadership Basics: Kids Club
  2. Introduction to Leadership-in-Action Certification for Teens Club
  3. Advanced Leadership-in-Action Certification for Teens Club

1. Leadership Basics Program for Kids Club

Leadership skills for kids is a subject that isn’t seriously considered by parents or the public school system as often as it should be. We DO consider teaching kids the basics in leadership development and positive life attitude as very important. Our approach is to teach serious things in a way that isn’t perceived either tedious, official nor obligatory.
As a part of camp daily life, kids will participate in team games and classes where they will learn the art of effective communication, conflict resolution and win-win strategy, amongst other things. Gaining more independence through early development of leadership skills for kids cannot be overstated. Parents who encourage their children to learn these important skills provide them with a tremendous advantage.

leadership camp toronto2. Introduction to Leadership-in-Action Certification

Introduction to Leadership-in-Action is the first step of the Leadership Program. Pre-requirements: camper must be 13-16 years old and enrolled in this program by checking the appropriate box in the application form.

3. Advanced Leadership-in-Action Certification

Advanced Leadership-in-Action is the second step of the Leadership Program. Pre-requirements: camper must be 13-16 years old, completed Introduction to Leadership-in-Action, and enrolled in this program by checking the appropriate box in the application form.

leadership camp torontoWhy DiscoveryLand Camp Leadership in Action?

Most residential summer camps in Canada offer similar programs like kayaking, rock climbing, dance and crafts. Some camps are now offering Leadership course as it is becoming more and more popular. Parents want their children to return from summer camp with a new found confidence, stronger self-esteem and an ability to make better choices. DiscoveryLand Camp has a unique combination of sport, arts and skills building programs.

If you truly want your children to learn new skills in leadership, then Leadership in Action is the solution.

Generally speaking, the main task of the Leadership in Action Program is to understand how to be the Most Positive Person in the room and what are the Benefits. The course refers to Robert Sharma, Globally recognized leadership expert recently ranked in the Top 10 by leadershipgurus.net and materials of the most successful worldwide leadership coaches.

The program runs through different sets of activities that have nothing to do with academic style and are not associated with “bearing learning”, enabling each individual to grow and establish his or her own comfort zone beyond their preconceived limits.
Areas Covered by Leadership-in-Action

On top of group workshops and discussions, the participants learn leadership principle in practice through special assignments serving as Junior Counselors. Each participant gets regular feedback from Camp Leaders, as well as from other campers on personal leadership performance.

Leadership in Action – areas to cover:

  • Positive Thinking
  • Win-Win Attitude
  • Self-Esteem
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building
  • Resume Writing
  • Successful Job Interview Basics
  • Presentation Skills
  • People Management

How to obtain Leadership-in-Action Program Certificate?

leadership camp torontoBy filling out the registration form, the camper is automatically enrolled in all programs, while Leadership-In-Action Certification is optional. To enroll in this program, you need to check the appropriate box in the application form. The number of places is limited and based on first come first served principle. Certificates are issued only upon completion of the course, based on the performance of participants and sent by mail in September.

What are the benefits of having Leadership in Action Certificate?

You can present the Leadership in Action Certificate while applying to high school, specialized school, or college/university. Leadership course might give you extra points and help to reach the high-on-demand goal. When applying for a part or a full-time job, you can also refer to this course. Which employer doesn’t want to hire a pro-active, positive person with strong leadership skills?

Leadership Principles at DiscoveryLand Camp

Positive thinking and leadership are our camp’s life principles, and whatever we do- rock climbing or Olympic Games, Fashion Show or Soccer Tournament – the power of team building, optimism, overcoming obstacles, celebrating achievements, friendship, personal inspiration and self-expression are introduced through the value of fun and play.
At DiscoveryLand Camp our desired outcome for each camper is the development of character and leadership ability.
The right summer program is an investment in the future of your child. This summer can change lives. It’s time to make a choice.

Extended availability of participation in Leadership-in-Action

Based on the great feedback we got about our Leadership-in-Action Program for teens, the number of available places is constantly expended. Even if the teenager was not enrolled in a leadership class in the registration form, he/she will get a chance to participate in it. The decision about such involvement in the program will be taken based on the child’s interest, numbers of places in the class and remains in authority of program facilitator.
leadership camp toronto

leadership camp toronto teens

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