Be Active: Land Sports

trying new sports



Build confidence with strategizing, passing, shooting! It’s one of the most popular sports at DLC. Usually, we get quite a few avid players leading daily practice and getting ready for a camp championship.


Try out the weapon of patience of ancient warriors, noble thieves, and savvy princesses—all in the safety of professional supervision. Learn proper form, how to draw the bow, and aim at targets to win the next Olympics.


Learning to juggle is one of the most popular activity choices at camp. Yes, it’s possible to start juggling in a few classes! It’s a perfect combination: not only are you burning calories, toning your body and strengthening your core, but you’re also exercising your mind as well!

Ping Pong

Excellent for hand-eye coordination and fun from the very moment you pick up a paddle, it is one of the most popular games at camp. Join in the daily heated battles around the tables! You have a chance to win our camp tournament by polishing your skills every day; even if, like for many other campers, it is your first time playing it.


A classic, basketball is perfect chance to work on passing, rebounding, shooting, dribbling, offense and defense, all while enjoying the summer sunshine in the great outdoors.


Fast reflexes, precise coordination and strategic teamwork…Serve, pass, set, attack, block, and dig. Learn all six of the basic skills of volleyball in a fun and friendly environment.


This fun, adapted version of volleyball makes it easier to play for all ages.


A game that takes strategy and skill—learn how to get that perfect slam so that the other team doesn’t catch the birdie in time and explore many more tricks (choose your adventure with one-on-one or team-vs-team).

Field Hockey

A great alternative to classic ice hockey, Field Hockey is a good way to start learning the rules and techniques of how to hold the hockeystick, move with the ball, and work together as a team to score.