Green Living Skills

Green Leaving at Camp: Adaptability as Competitive Advantage

Adaptation to unexpected new environments is not only a great brain exercise but also a competitive advantage for one’s future. Not only is it necessary in a business environment, but also beneficial in any social situation—those who develop better adaptation skills have been proven to feel more at ease in new situations and are the ones who the rest of the crowd looks up to.

Living away from parents in nature, as opposed to an urban setting with helpful machines to turn off your lights for you, is a big change. This allows one togo back to humanity’s roots by living in nature—all while breathing fresh air and watching stars visible at any time of the night. Guided by our trained counsellors, this is a great opportunity for independent growth and expansion of worldviews. Summer camp allows one to grow that adaptability muscle from an early age.

Survival 101

Learning the basics of wilderness survival is fun and illuminating: how to clean water, start a fire, set up tents, orient yourself, and find your way back home—all while in the forest?


The best memories are those when we sit together around a campfire after a long day full of activities, taking a moment to relax and have a heart-to-heart conversations. This is the moment the camp bond becomes strong and fellow campers and counsellors transform to “my” fellow campers and counsellors. From secret leadership activities and night trips to making s’mores and baking potatoes, from singing or telling scary stories, these sacred evenings have special magic that is impossible to describe or forget.

Hiking Trips

There are many beautiful trails within the camp’s territory of 200 acres as well as the neighboring Pinery Provincial Park. We explore nature and share our survival tips – how many methods of finding North do you know? It’s a walk with picturesque views to remember for years to come.

Discovering and exploring nature

Being surrounded by nature for the most part of the day is an absolutely different experience for urban citizens. A lot of DLC activities are designed to focus the interest and the imagination of the campers on the surrounding nature and its inhabitants.