Green Living Camp

The whole session at DiscoveryLand Camp is truly summer eco-adventure. Today’s kids will soon rule tomorrow’s world. Teaching them green living values is critical for their own survival and for the future of our planet.

Campers discover how to live in harmony with nature through ‘green’ style of camping with lots of outdoors trips, adventures and activities. Sunset watching, night sky observation, listening to trees whispering…it is something that we all miss in our urban living, and DiscoveryLand Camp actively helps children to build direct connections with the natural world and appreciate nature’s diversity. This unique experience might be the first important step towards getting children to think green.

Our goal is to create an environmentally friendly camp environment with low energy consumption, using a biodegradable cleaning solution, limitation of bottled water usage, wise waste reduction, various crafts projects out of recycled materials and overall green lifestyle.

Superhero: survival skills in extreme and rugged conditions

Thovernight summer camp survival ese days all of us depend on civilization and technology. Imagine if worst came to worst and you had to survive without outside help. We don’t want you to be in such a situation, but we want you to be prepared for it. How to start a fire under heavy rain. How to make a shelter… or even simply how to set up a tent.

Would you like to amaze yourself and your buddies?!

– do amazing things that you have never done before?
– discover the skills and secrets of superheroes?

So what defines a superhero? How does a superhero differ from ordinary people? And, finally, how can YOU get some superhero skills at DiscoveryLand Camp?

A Superhero survives in the wilderness alone even when lost. You will learn how to face a survival situation: how to build a shelter, how to make a good fire even after heavy rain, and many more important skills that can also help you in the future if you are lost in a forest.

A Superhero finds the right way in the forest because the stars, trees and sun are friends and they show paths. You will practice orientation skills. You will enjoy the mystery of the night during our night trip; night sky and wildlife research will enrich your life experience.

A Superhero is strong and flexible. You will participate in rock climbing, sailing, stretching, ball games, badminton, mini golf, archery, swimming, and much more- what great physical conditioning and adventures for the future superhero!

A Superhero’s imagination and creativity provide solutions when ordinary people give up. You will love our “Never give up” philosophy! You will learn how to survive being stranded in the wilderness and learn what you can do using different tools and your own two hands to handle such a situation.


Fire… fire can be good and bad. Learn all the good parts of it and beware of the bad. Use it for cooking and keeping warm in cold weather. Or just as a way to gather around with your friends to share scary or funny stories.

Discovering and exploring nature

Nature… we all know that living in the city has its advantages, but have you ever thought that even the city itself is a part of what we call Mother Nature? Discover Nature at its roots lives in the wild. You can even take your shoes off if you wish.

Night environment research

City lights. We know how difficult it is to live in the city without lights. On the other side, these lights shadow the stars. Maybe this is the reason why we choose to be out of the city. It is astonishingly beautiful the night sky. Finally, you will know for sure how milky the Milky Way is.

You CAN be a Superhero!!!

Starry nights…Sensational sunsets…The crackle of the campfire…Adventures and challenges… Lots of surprises and awards…It awaits you!

DiscoveryLand Leadership Camp survival skillsDiscoveryLand Leadership Camp survival skillsDiscoveryLand Leadership Camp survival skills

DiscoveryLand Camp Eco green living camp

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