Brain Boosting & Learning

Dragons' Den

Today’s youth will rule tomorrow’s business world, and DiscoveryLand Camp is all about emphasizing not only the practice of arts and sports but also the exploration and learning of the world with a fun and positive spirit. Pitching a product at our Dragons’ Den-like competition may not seem like a typical summer camp activity, but our campers get this unique experience at DiscoveryLand Camp during the session as a part of their Leadership Program. With so many gifted young people with smart ideas, along with a theatrical aspect, this presentation turns an introduction to the entrepreneurial world into a real business show.

Mock Trails

Perhaps you are considering a career in law? Maybe you want to build your self-confidence and strengthen your ability to communicate your ideas and opinions to others? Or do you just love brain exercises? If any of these are true, you should consider participating in the DLC Mock Trials!

We offer campers the opportunity to gain new insights and skills in fun, focused workshops. It’s a new addition to our summer camp program that was introduced in 2017 by a group of enthusiastic counsellors and immediately gained popularity.

Skills focused on: Public speaking, Analytics, Critical thinking, Research, Organization.
Consider more benefits:
• Strengthen your detective abilities
• Polish debate skills in a comfortable environment
• Learn how to cross-examine witnesses
• Improve your ability to focus despite obstacles

Participants will organize and brainstorm ideas, gather evidence, and prepare speeches in preparation for the defense of their case. They will argue against their opponents by cross-examining witnesses, finding faults with their evidence and arguments, and speaking eloquently in their own defense. We look forward to seeing you in the debates!

Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers and Riddles are the perfect segue from active to intellectual activity.

What? Where? When?

The intellectual game show What? Where? When? is a new addition to DLC program to keep brains fit and team spirits up!

Chess Club

Chess, still being one of the most complex mind games in history, raises IQ, improves memory, exercises both sides of the brain, increases creativity, and improves concentration—and that’s only the beginning! We are proud to introduce chess to our campers (even to those who have never tried it before) for many years. A chess tournament is held every session.

New! Baking Class

Homemade bread and bakery experience.