Boot Camp

Manage weight and get active at a summer camp!

With its outdoor nature, focus on a healthy lifestyle, and two sport and two swimming sessions daily, our overnight camp helps children to manage their weight naturally.

Fresh air, the sun, the nature around, minimum amount of junk food, and regular swimming and physical activities will help your child to lose weight or stay fit if that is what they choose. If you think about more intense ways of weight management, DiscoveryLand Camp offers free Boot Camp/Weight Management Program.

By filling out the registration form, the camper is automatically enrolled in Multi-Sport and Art/Dance/Show programs, while Boot Camp Program is optional. So make sure you mark it on the form before submitting it!

With Boot Camp Program the child is encouraged to participate more in classes that require physical activity: swimming, trampoline, water trampoline, soccer, volleyball, skipping, yoga, badminton, basketball, as well as in advanced fitness programs: Pilates, aquafitness, challenging hiking, kayaking trip – with so many classes available, it’s easy to find the best fit for each camper.

Our counsellors teach children the essentials of fitness, weight management and healthy eating habits in a positive, fun-filled environment.

If you engage your child with Boot Camp Program for one or more sessions, the benefits may last a lifetime.

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Boot Camp summer camp

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