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Enrol your child in a mix of all available 60+ programs, classes, and activities, just by filling out the application form (the number keeps growing every year!). Boot Camp and Leadership Certification Programs are optional (free of charge!) and should be specifically marked in the registration form.

We always prioritize safety above all else. All counsellors complete pre-camp training including knowledge of policies and procedures as well as leading programs. If by any reason the planned activity is not safe to conduct due to the weather, or if the previous program was extended or too intense, the next program would be adjusted accordingly. We always have a backup plan and many more activities already planned.Thisallows us to quickly react flexibly to a situation and thus maintain the camp spirit rather than to strictly follow the schedule. Another factor we noticed to be influencing activities is the overall participants’ profile.

In 2019, we were so lucky to have a large number of very strong young leaders—we decided as a group to incorporate the “School of Management” addition to the Leadership-in-Action Program that turned out to be a great success! Thanks, everyone!

Other times, the majority of campers were highly artistic and improv, shows, and video production got extremely elaborate— to the point that the counsellor team spent nights planning to incorporate more creativity to all aspects of the program, sports included.

Very often, there are also many sports-lovers in the same session! It creates a special energetic spirit to unite all campers regardless of their pre-camp sport habits, with many participants signing up for DLC fitness classes and even continuing their new habits after camp!

DiscoveryLand Camp treats campers the way we would like to be treated, so we always encourage participation and ignite passion rather than forcing campers to attend classes they won’t like. Campers are free to choose activities out of a variety every day and switch it up as they want. One shouldn’t forget the daily camp-wide event—the subject of many tales!