Seekers (ages 7-10): Reinforcing independence and empowerment, socializing, character-building, and friendship

Huge self-esteem boosters for the young kids are getting out of their comfort zone by trying new things and solving daily tasks at his/her own:

  • Personal belonging (get familiar with, choosing according to the weather, frying wet stuff, packing on the minimum side).
  • Hygiene (Daily tasks to be completed by themselves, e.g. getting a shower, brushing teeth, etc.).
  • Communication (Tidying the cabin as a group, working with a team in games, respecting neighbours).
  • Activities (Learning and following new rules, etc.. Learning to combine fun and safety. Lots of daily activity, physical and emotional. Pursing an area of interest).
  • Acquiring new simple healthy habits (Eating at regular mealtimes, exercising, appreciating parents that are far away).
  • Conflict resolution (win-win).
  • Nature (Appreciating and spending lots of time with nature. Learning how to have fun being outdoors!).

What is the appropriate age to start overnight camp?

While the average age for the first trip to an overnight camp is between 7 and 9 years old, it really depends on the child. Here are some ways to get your camper ready for their camp experience.
A child’s first time paddling on a canoe, swimming in a lake, and (especially) being away from their parents for an extended period of time all qualify as “things that push kids out of their comfort zone in a safe environment while being supported by experienced staff”.

This is vital for the growth of independence, self-reliance, and overall self-confidence.

Getting out of the comfort zone + a safe environment + counsellor support = raise in self-esteem and new skills