Explorers (ages 11-12): Exploring new areas of interests, instilling appreciation, learning how to make decisions

This is probably one of the most easy-going camp group!

Homesickness happens less often now than in the early years. Explorers focus more on the Decision-Making process as a key factor of growing up. There are lots of opportunities to make decisions on their own, without parents’ helpful guiding hand (for instance, which activities to pick, what area of camp to focus on).

Campers can practise and make mistakes in a safe environment, learning about themselves through the process. For this age group, the focus is on:

  • Get out of your comfort zone. Explore new friendships, groups, and activities.
  • Reserve the activity of your choice.
  • Practise group work with new people.
  • Live with cabin-mates away from parents.
  • Resolve conflict with the help of mediators (counsellors).

Know a better way of doing something? You are more than welcome to implement it in practice! Counsellors encourage Explorers to lead group activities as well we start pre-leadership assignments. Yes, in many cases it requires more time and effort from the counsellor team to help the camper to organize a dance routine, be a group leader during a rock-climbing trip, or go with a team to collect equipment. Is it worth it to see individual growth? ABSOLUTELY. But, finally:

The best way to learn decision-making and leading a team is to practice making a decision and leading a team.