STEM at summer camp: learn and play

stem summer camp vaughan york regionAt Discovery Land Camp, STEM activities are scheduled and adapted for the theme of the week.

STEM Adventures, a special week focusing on STEM themed fun, is scheduled for July 31-August 4, 2023.

What is planned for STEM Adventures Week at Discovery Land Camp?

There will be STEM workshops and scavenger hunts, an obstacle course and sports games, a talent show, and a field trip to the Ontario Science.

As part of our STEM program, we love to provide children with the opportunity to play and build with construction toys like Lego, Mega Blocks, 3-D fort construction, and K’nex to turn their imagined projects into reality.

The construction projects are usually done by age groups. Campers use plenty of imagination to make their ideas shine. They feel a sense of pride and success, boost their self-esteem, and believe in themselves. As a great side benefit, this also builds character and encourages children to take on more challenging tasks in a safe and encouraging environment.

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