Some time after summer camp fun is done and all the best stories are recollected, your camper becomes melancholy without a reason.

overnight summer campsSound familiar? No worries, because your adventurer is actually going through camp homesickness – otherwise known as missing camp as one might miss home. Is it bad? Not really – it’s a sign that your adventurer has enjoyed camp life and had the time of their life with fellow adventurer , and after a few days of recovery will spread the benefits of camp to other aspects of their life: school, friends, and family. Positivity, willingness to explore and try new things, independence (and even the initiative to fold own clothes!) – such joy should be accepted, shared, and returned back to the adventurer for best results.

How to maintain and encourage the spirit of adventure? We heard so many times that campers meet up in Toronto right after camp and throughout the year – watch camp videos, look through photos, laugh together, and remember fond memories. Every year lots of DiscoveryLand Camp’s buddies reconnect to sign up for the same session. Camp veterans know that living in overnight summer camps and doing a lot of common activities together for 2 plus weeks allows you to form close friendships that will last for many years.

Moreover, we, DiscoveryLand Camp staff, have reunions twice after camp ends – to discuss the best moments, favorite activities, find areas for improvement for the next season… and sing favorite camp songs and just to enjoy our awesome counselors’ team.

overnight summer camps ontarioDiscoveryLand Camp is called a truly leadership camp, and one of the goals we have is to develop the very valuable network for young people – a network based on challenges that they have to overcome and the moments of victory and happiness they had. If that sounds interesting, greatly recommend the completion of Leadership In Action – a unique course full of character building and self-improvement moments.

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