Summer Camp Toronto kids prefer
  • 60+ activities, 1 gorgeous lakeshore, unlimited fun!
  • The go-to destination for fellow youth leaders, adventurers, travellers.
  • Leadership overnight summer camp near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, non-profit.
  • Eco-journey for kids & teens through leadership, sports, art, and weight management.

That is what DiscoveryLand Camp is all about!

welcome to DiscoveryLand Camp

more than a summer camp

new summer, new me!

our mission & values

Explore your horizons

DiscoveryLand Camp is an environment where you can start over; try new things and habits that you can bring with you to your regular life. Embrace positive changes and experiences that helped many of our campers to succeed in their school and social life. By sharing our values and principles, we encourage:


Become a leader and active life-explore

Gain confidence. Uncover your potential.
Build the character.


Get energy and feel good from exercising

Get healthier by implementing sports and fitness in your life.

Turn positivity into a life habit

Live your life to the fullest with a can-do approach. Grow your positivity muscles. Take personal responsibility for your well-being.

Small Changes Make Big Impacts

Sharpen your leadership

receive the best

memories to last a lifetime

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Are you coming

Get ready for the summer of a lifetime!

Become part of exciting stories with crackling campfires, mysterious night trips, starry nights, breathtaking sunsets, rope courses, treasure hunting, pirate battles, rock climbing, kayak trips, and archery—camp life is an adventure!

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What People Say

My son Daniel, 12 years old, just came back from two weeks at Discoveryland Camp. He had an amazing time. It is the second year in a raw that he went and he is already asking if he can go again next year and of course he will. He cannot stop talking about the camp leaders, who are not only taking care of them but also because they’re role models and friends. He loved all the activities, he will not stop talking about the many friends he made and all the games they played together: archery, soccer, joggling, ping pong ,swimming . I believe this camp helped Daniel became more independent and more mature and he made memories that will last a lifetime . Special thanks to the Camp Director, Marina, who kept in touch with me during the two weeks giving me updates on how Daniel is doing. Thank you all and looking forward to next year!!!!

Liviu Sas

I’m coming back for my third year now. Why?

  • Counselors are fun to make friends with and are pretty positive
  • Pretty easy to find someone that is like you, or does something similar to what you do!
  • That place helped me out with some of my fears.
  • The place really keeps you busy. There are optional stuff to take, and if you aren’t cut out for the stuff, you can opt-out on it, but I obviously recommend to stay and take a listen to this stuff, who knows, maybe you’d want to be junior counselor?
  • If you are dealing with personal issues, the counselors are always there to help and have your back.


Thank you for making a space where we can relax and smile. We are all SO GRATEFUL.


Thank you for making this camp be the best camp I have ever gone to and I will come here next year. Thank you for making this camp great! I love it here and I will miss you!


“It’s a place where you feel that no one judges you and you can really have fun and discover something that you never knew you liked doing.”

Milena Durcheva, camper

“What I love about DLC is that no matter who you are or where you’re from, the people there will always make you feel welcome and loved.”

Justice Urbani-Kamaka, counsellor and former camper

“I learn more about myself in the two weeks I spend at DLC than the rest of the year.”

Timothy Maksimenko, counsellor and former camper