DiscoveryLand Camp is a leadership overnight summer camp near Toronto Ontario Canada, non-profit.  60+ fun-filled programs and activities that form a great eco-adventure for kids & teens through leadership, sports, art, and weight management on beautiful shores of Lake Huron.
As we enter our 14th year, we are proud to offer one of the most unique life-altering summer experiences in a magnificent outdoor setting for youth.

Are You Coming?

Your friends will be there old and new! Every year cool people like you, campers and counsellors come back to DiscoveryLand Camp. Want to know why?

…Cause our counsellors are awesome, easy-going, adventurous, super POSITIVE and love what they do. They bring continuity to the program and are in touch with many of our campers during the year.

…Cause our program works! After the session, every kid and teen will come back home more positive, independent, fit and excited.

…Cause together we create a warm and inspiring atmosphere.

Parents ask me constantly why they should send their kids to our residential (overnight) summer camp. I have one simple answer for them. It will be a life-changing experience. – a message from DiscoveryLand Camp Director

 10 great reasons to choose DiscoveryLand Camp:

1. Unique location on the shores of fabulous Huron Lake

We are just minutes away from the miles of calm waters, natural shorelines and wonderful beaches of Lake Huron, the third-largest freshwater lake on earth, a special and unique place to visit. Swimming, hiking, sunbathing, skimboarding, beach volleyball, kayaking, jumping on water trampoline – these are just some of the great things to do on Lake Huron and its shores.

2. Variety of programs to fit everybody’s needs: more than 59 sport and art activities to choose from

Rock climbing, water trampoline, kayaking, slack roping, yoga, video shooting, shows, theatre, leadership classes… each day at camp is filled with new experiences and great opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships.

3. Kids Club and Teens Club

Kids Club accommodates campers 7-11 years and Teens Club is designated for older campers 12-16 years. Though both Clubs have common activities, Kids and Teens Club program approaches are differentiated based on age specifics.

4. Out of everyday life’s experience that facilitates character building, self-confidence, socialization and personal growth

The diversify of camp programs, camp life and overall spending time without parents at residential camp facilitate building character to prepare young people for the challenges of life as adults. Overnight summer camp allows kids to try out new things and take risks in a low-stress outdoor environment. Individual achievements can help to improve a person’s good feelings about themselves.

Campers get in contact with kids from different schools, communities, and cultures. In routine life, it’s easy to think about the entire world being a small group of friends and teachers. The overnight camp experience forces children to learn about getting along with others, broadens their minds and shows that there is a bigger world than the small community they’re used to. Our counsellors get kids looking at the world with imagination. With out-of-box thinking, everyday tasks turn to opportunities that help campers to interact with each other and develop creative solutions.

5. Health and well-being

Children are going to get fit in the summer camp. During the school year, kids sit at their desks, play video games, and hours watching TV. There are not as many opportunities to be active. At camp, the very act of constantly being in constant movement makes you fit on a day-to-day basis routine. And also don’t forget about our more than 26 sports activities.

Studies show that outdoor activities, social interaction, and a balanced diet at camp can lead to establishing healthy lifestyle habits and improvement of a young person’s overall well-being.

6. Think positive environment

Today’s youth and children need opportunities to develop a positive sense of their self-worth, well being and potential. Everything we do is to encourages each camper to: think positive and look at the bright side of things, become more independent, make good choices, be persistent in reaching a goal, think for themselves, take responsibility, experience their own success and celebrate the success of others. We generate a positive, esteem-building environment. For many years we practiced “Caught you doing something good” recognition. This way, children are encouraged to develop healthy relationships with their peers and counsellors as well as respect each other.

7. Endless adventure

Our kids’ everyday lives don’t offer many feelings of adventure. DiscoveryLand Camp offers a totally different from urban lifestyle eco-environment: fascinating stories around a crackling campfire, mysterious night trips, starry nights, sensational sunsets, rope courses, treasure hunting, pirate battles, rock climbing, kayak trips, archery- the whole life here is an adventure!

8. Leadership in Action Program – step to success!

A champion is one who gets up when he can’t…
Leadership Camp Toronto

Spending a summer at DiscoveryLand Camp is a good way to discover yourself, improve physical conditioning, gain self-confidence and push the limits to the next level. To create the program taking into account different sides of personality development and make it interesting and fun is the mission of our camp.

9. Eco style: living in harmony with nature

We make wilderness accessible without having to leave a trace behind. With lots of outdoors trips, adventures, activities, and residing in sheltered, weather-proof tents, urban kids get a chance to feel like a part of the Earth. Sunset watching, night sky observation, listening to trees whisper…it is something that we all miss in our urban living, and DiscoveryLand Camp actively helps children to build direct connections with the natural world and appreciate nature’s diversity. This unique experience might be the first important step towards getting children to think green.

10. Friendships that make a camp experience unforgettable

It might take courage to go to camp alone, but that feeling of loneliness ends at the moment of arrival. A camp friendship may last a lifetime or only a summer, but either way camp offers children the opportunity to branch out from their regular circle of friends and learn to connect with other people in positive ways. As one former camper once stated so eloquently, “Who knew that a period of two weeks would result in such huge progress in learning about people, a lesson in friendship and support, fun time and a real adventure?!”

Having enjoyed this outdoor adventure experience, your child will be ready for the rigours of school with a fresh mind and body.

DiscoveryLand Camp is an opportunity for kids to learn that they can exist outside their home without their parents taking care of every need all the time.

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