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Enhance Your Presentation Skills

DiscoveryLand Camp: "Dragons

DiscoveryLand Camp: “Dragons’ Den” Financial Competition


We spent a loе of last summer discussing the best ways of self-presenting and how to make a great first impression during Leadership in Action Workshops.

Read about A summer camp that teaches youth about entrepreneurship and success




Here is a visual tip on what to keep in mind while preparing for your school presentation:

leadership camp toronto presentation skills

Looking for leadership camp, not far from Toronto? Summer camp with life lasting benefits? DiscoveryLand Camp: 50+ activities to help your child become a successful and positive leader.
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Public Speaking Tips for Kids

Public speaking is cool at DiscoveryLand Camp

Public speaking is cool at DiscoveryLand Camp

Have you ever seen a person move a million people crowd?

Only a few individuals can say that they were born with this talent, while many successful leaders have admitted to spending hours and hours practicing in front of the mirror.

So how can I, as a parent, help my child to improve this skill that will benefit him/her greatly in their life? The golden rule is practice, practice and practice. The better your child knows their speech, the less time they will spend worrying about it. This time can be spent on fixing posture, articulation, and eye contact, which are vital for any presentation. Public speaking is fairly associated with very nervous experiences, so remember to keep the encouragements coming.

Furthermore, as a short term stressor, public speaking can have health benefits. Teaching a child to feel comfortable with public speaking increases his/her confidence and instils valuable skills such as self-motivation and pride.

Practice in Front of a Mirror It may sound like a cliche, but practicing in front of a mirror is an important step in overcoming stage fright. It is also a great way for your child to be able to see things that they may be doing wrong. Are they looking down at their notes too much? Do they look as terrified as they are? Are they smiling enough? Are they mumbling and barely moving their mouth, or are they enunciating clearly enough? Practicing in front of a mirror is the first step in honing public speaking skills for anyone of any age.

Practice, Practice, Practice Practice really does make perfect, especially when it comes to giving a speech. The more your child practices their speech or presentation, the better they will know their stuff. If your child can have confidence in their ability to learn and deliver the material, some of the nervousness about giving the speech may go away. Practice also makes it easier to memorize the material. While it is isn’t necessary for children to memorize every facet of their speech, the more they practice the less they will have to consult their notes. A speaker who seldom needs to glance at his notes is more effective.

Record Their Speech Record your child speaking and play it back for them. This is a great way to help him avoid using the “uhs” or “ums” or “likes.” This is also great for children who tend to speak too quickly or too slowly. Listening to yourself on a recorder can be a bit uncomfortable of an experience but is great for sharpening public-speaking skills.


With DiscoveryLand Camp you get the 5i experience- 5 Improvements in: Leadership, Health, Sport, Confidence, Creative Thinking; while having fun in overnight summer camp near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Such life lasting experience leads to greater success in school.
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Make your life easier with a positive attitude

I regret that I have no shoes until I saw a man without a feet.
Appreciate what you have, rather than feeling sorry for yourself.


Leadership Camp TorontoWe are going to discuss many distinctive characteristics of successful leaders at the leadership course in DiscoveryLand Camp this year. Appreciation of what you already have is known as one of the keys to success. Indeed, life is a lot easier and more enjoyable with a positive attitude.

Robin Sharma- the author of The Leader Who Had No Title- in his recent video suggested that “Writing in a journal is a great way to record gratitude“. By doing that, you highlight and focus on your blessings, the good things in your life, in your mindset. In simple words…

Most of us have food on our table. Most of us have fresh drinking water. Most of us can breathe fresh oxygen. Most of us have people we love. Most of that us have work that matters. Most of us have all these incredible blessings that most people would never imagine having.

And yet we curse the fact that theres too much traffic. We get upset about a difficult conversation with a hard customer. We stumble as we move towards closer our goals or our mission, and we get frustrated. And to make little things into big things and we start developing this mindset where little problems become problems. And as you know, a problem is only a problem if you choose to see it as a problem.

And what Im suggesting to you is recording gratitude in your journal. Shift your mindset so you start to see things you didnt notice around you. And everything becomes a miracle. And even this day becomes a blessing.

~Robin Sharma, How to Keep a Journal

Have a good day everyone! See you soon at DiscoveryLand Camp!

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